Important Rules for the day

The event will start at 09:00 on Sunday, 27 June will end approximately at 16:30.

Elvington Airfield is a privately owned and operated facility situated to the east of the City of York and to the west of Elvington Village. Access to site is only permissible using the post code YO41 4AU.

Keep those Event Passes safe and in one piece!

Admission to the 2021 VOLVO600 GWR event will only be permissible if the driver is able to produce on entry to the car park an Event Pass two part snap card.

The Event Pass will allow entry for a single vehicle, driver and any occupants in the car to VOLVO600.

Admission to the event will start from 09:00 and complete at 12:00 sharp.

When the cars are inside the 2 mile official parade circuit the driver must observe position in parade and must observe the no more than two car length rule. 'MIND THE GAP'.

As these are just some of the important rules, we encourage you to read our Operations Manual to have a better understanding of the day and the must meet requirements in order to secure the record, please click here.

Event Pass - SOLD OUT!

We are pleased to announce that TorqueVolvo has allocated all 1350 Entry Passes for VOLVO600 at Elvington on Sunday 27th June 2021... incredible news. Thank you for your amazing support. Keep those Entry Passes safe and in one piece!

We regret to inform you that all reserve Passes are now allocated. We are not in a position to issue anymore Passes for the event. Thank you for your interest and looking forward to meeting you at our next event.

Event Pass Sold Out

New location announced!

You may have read in various press announcements and media coverage that Bruntingthorpe has recently been acquired by Cox Automotive.

As an event team we have had several meetings with the team based at Bruntingthorpe and our last meeting with Cox Automotive in mid-June confirmed that we will not be able to host the VOLVO600 2021 record attempt at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds.

TorqueVolvo is 100% committed to the setting of a new Guinness World Record for the Largest Parade of Volvo cars in 2021. We remain equally passionate about raising more than £10,000 for the British Heart Foundation as part of completing the challenge.

Therefore, we have been working behind the scenes to understand how and where we could host the event.

What will happen next?

We are very pleased to confirm that the VOLVO600 GWR attempt will move to be hosted at the ex RAF airbase at Elvington near York on Sunday, 27 June 2021. Elvington boasts a 3000m runway and 50 acre hardstanding apron.

We feel Elvington will be the place where we will successfully set the new World Record in 2021.

We hope that those of you that have already bought an Event Pass can still make the date and new location. Please hold onto your Event Pass, lanyard and arrival rule card and we will post to you in 2021 an addtional event card to confirm entry.

If you cannot make the date and new location, please do get in touch with the admin team and we will, of course, offer a full refund.

The address of the Elvington Airfield is:
RAF Elvington
Elvington Airfield
YO41 4AU

Several members of the event team have been to Elvington in recent weeks to assess the site and make alterations to our event operations manual.

Whilst onsite, they took the time to piece together a short video which highlights the progress we have made in raising money for the BHF charity and should give an understanding of what the venue looks and feels like.

Finally we would like to thank Matt England and the Bruntingthorpe team for their help and encouragement over previous years and we sincerely wish the Bruntingthorpe team well with their new ventures.

Event Pass

If you would like to enter your Volvo Car in the parade, you and your car will need to be pre-registered and in possession of a VOLVO600 Event Pass. The event will be limited to 1,350 Volvo Cars.

To obtain your VOLVO600 Event Pass please follow the link to the TorqueVolvo shop and follow the instructions to register and check out. Purchase Event Pass

Keep the Pass in one piece

Once you have received your Event Pass, please do not snap your own card. This will invalidate the card and will result in you and your car being discounted from the official parade count.

Take good care of it as lost cards cannot be replaced. If lost, regardless of reason you will need to purchase an additional card. Please inform us if you lose your Event Pass so we can void the card.

The lanyard and top part of Event Pass of the card can be kept as a keep sake of the day. The smaller snap off bottom section of the card will be scanned and exchanged for an official car number that will be displayed in the windscreen as the car enters into the controlled area of marked 2 miles course.

Kind regards, The TorqueVolvo and VOLVO600 Event Team

Brunthingthorpe - 27/06/2021
1) Date: 27 June 2021
2) Location: Elvington

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