TorqueVolvo and COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, the VOLVO600 Event Team continue to monitor the COVID-19 emergency and as stated previously, please be assured that several members of the Admin and Event team sit daily on professional business continuity and COVID-19 working groups. The advice we receive and the action we take is based upon fact and direct input from Public Health England.

We continue to follow our event planner and role out the steps in order to host the event in a controlled and safe manner on 28 June.

The event is still over 2 months away and much can change in this time.

We sincerely hope that the virus situation positively improves for all our better health and welfare sakes. To this point and in this understanding we will not take a decision to move the event until at least 22 May 2020 when there is less speculation and a better understanding of how recent measures to curtail the spread of the virus have worked out.

For now, please keep safe and we ask for continued and positive support in celebration that for now at least, is an event we can look forward too.

Event Pass

If you would like to enter your Volvo Car in the parade, you and your car will need to be pre-registered and in possession of a VOLVO600 Event Pass. The event will be limited to 1,350 Volvo Cars.

To obtain your VOLVO600 Event Pass please follow the link to the TorqueVolvo shop and follow the instructions to register and check out. Purchase Event Pass

Keep the Pass in one piece

Once you have received your Event Pass, please do not snap your own card. This will invalidate the card and will result in you and your car being discounted from the official parade count.

Take good care of it as lost cards cannot be replaced. If lost, regardless of reason you will need to purchase an additional card. Please inform us if you lose your Event Pass so we can void the card.

The lanyard and top part of Event Pass of the card can be kept as a keep sake of the day. The smaller snap off bottom section of the card will be scanned and exchanged for an official car number that will be displayed in the windscreen as the car enters into the controlled area of marked 2 miles course.

Kind regards, The TorqueVolvo and VOLVO600 Event Team

Brunthingthorpe - 28/06/2020
1) Date: 28 June 2020
2) Location: Bruntingthorpe
3) Register Now TorqueVolvo Shop

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