VOLVO600 is proudly raising funds for British Heart Foundation

Volvo Owners have a proud tradition of supporting charities through fundraising and donations. You have raised thousands for good causes over recent years and we thank you.

Choosing the charity British Heart Foundation was not an easy choice with so many charities doing fantastic work in the UK & worldwide.

Last year you have raised over £17,000 for Breast Cancer Care, nearly hitting 300% of our target.

We hope, this time we will able to contribute to another great cause with similar success. It would be an incredible achievement - one that would make breaking the World Record even better.

Check out TorqueVolvo's VOLVO600 Just Giving page here: VOLVO600 for BHF

With thanks and much love, the VOLVO600 Event Team

Read more info about British Heart Foundation on their website

British Heart Foundation
1) Date: 27 June 2021
2) Location: Elvington

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