TorqueVolvo is pleased to announce that all 1350 Entry Passes have been allocated for VOLVO600 at Elvington on Sunday 27th June 2021. The below registration information is only available to provide you with important information.

Event Pass Sold Out

Registration information only for review

TorqueVolvo is pleased to announce that registration for the 2021 Official World Record Attempt for the longest parade of Volvo Cars is now open.

The event will be limited to 1,350 Volvo Cars.

If you would like to enter your Volvo Car in the parade, you and your car will need to be pre-registered and in possession of a VOLVO600 Event Pass. To obtain your VOLVO600 Event Pass please follow this link [link has been removed] to the TorqueVolvo shop and follow the instructions to register and check out.

This year we have decided to share with you sections of the Operations and Event Manual to help you understand how the day will be conducted and the revised rules associated with the challenge that must be observed to ensure our attempt is recognised and the GWR record subsequently awarded. The Operations and Event Manual can be viewed by clicking on this link which will take you to a PDF viewable version of the document.

In addition to the record attempt, TorqueVolvo will be raising funds for the British Heart Foundation Charity. At least 10% of the Event Pass fee will go directly to the charity and we encourage and welcome donations via the Just Giving Page which can be accessed using this link.

To summarise:

  1. We will limit the VOLVO600 GWR Official Record Attempt to 1,350 cars maximum.
  2. Those Volvo owners wanting to attend the day in their Volvo cars will be asked to register in advance and purchase an Event Pass. (Only the car and driver require an Event Pass, passengers in the same car will be admitted free of charge).
  3. The Event Pass replaces and will do away with the four part paper forms used in the 2019 attempt.
  4. Pre-registration via the TorqueVolvo online shop will collect the details needed by GWR as part of the evidence submission (See GWR Rules in Operations and Event Manual).
  5. The Event Pass will describe to the driver a suggested window to arrive at the Elvington site. This will keep congestion outside of the site to a minimum and avoid complaints from the villagers living in Elvington and the surrounding area.
  6. Cars attempting to access the event on the day which are not pre-registered and the driver is not in possession of a valid Event Pass will be refused entry and turned away without right to further appeal. In short if your name is not down you are not coming in!
  7. The lanyard and top part of Event Pass of the card can be kept as a keep sake of the day. The smaller snap off bottom section of the card will be scanned and exchanged for an official car number that will be displayed in the windscreen as the car enters into the controlled area of marked 2 miles course.
  8. The parade will be single file, each car will get a unique number as it enters the parade course with GWR confirming a single file approach helps with their counting and verification.
  9. We have booked Elvington all day this time so once we have loaded the field up, we believe it gives us time for two opportunities to attempt the parade. (If all goes well on attempt one, we will use the second attempt as more as an informal parade allowing cars to travel together in multiple lines).
  10. The club stand and food area will be moved to the main straight to allow everyone access to WCs, Volvo Club and Volvo Related stands and food stalls.
  11. As it is June we are expecting a much warmer day with less wind so T-Shirts, Hats and Sun cream will be the order of the day.
  12. A unit of Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and the STIG will be walking amongst you to keep everyone happy and to generate some unique photos while the cars assembled on field.
  13. The meeting's theme is TV and Film so expect to see people walking around dressed up as Batman and Del Boy etc.
  14. Most importantly there will be plenty of time to get out of your cars, look around and socialise with fellow attendees in a carnival style atmosphere.
  15. Can we also remind everyone that no dogs, cats, aardvarks, hamsters, parrots, stuff you have found on the road on the way in or pets of any description are allowed onsite on the day... the only exception is those guys that had that cow on the roof last year, we are ok with that as that was genuine comedy genius... well done chaps!

The TorqueVolvo and VOLVO600 Event Team sincerely appreciate your continued support and we look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to the day.

Event Pass
1) Date: 27 June 2021
2) Location: Elvington

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