What is VOLVO600?

Attempt Number 1

On 31 March 2019 for the first VOLVO600 event 1,574 Volvo cars and over 5,000 members of the public assembled at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds.

The meeting was an un-paralleled success for assembling the largest number of privately owned Volvo cars in the UK and it proved to be a great platform for raising money for charity.

In 2019 the event raised near to £20,000 for Breast Cancer Care UK.

However, the Guinness Record can only be awarded if all rules associated with the challenge are strictly observed.

Sadly the record could not be awarded as one of the primary rules associated with the challenge, 'no more than two car lengths between vehicles was not observed'. This was evident in the video footage of the parade submitted with the witness statements.

So for 2021 the event team having reviewed feedback from GWR and formally performing their own review of the event have decided to return once again to the airfield for a second attempt.

Attempt Number 2 will officially take place in Elvington on Sunday, 27 June 2021 at 10:00.

For 2021 the meeting will focus on raising money for the British Heart Foundation charity.

Guinness World Records have kindly confirmed their permission to have a second run at the record and the attempt in 2021 will be evidenced under the GWR application reference number 1908222016051pov.

The small team of organisers of this event are all volunteers, Volvo owners and are motivated and committed to ensure the day passes safely and successfully with all proceeds from the day being passed to the British Heart Foundation.

Car 1
1) Date: 27 June 2021
2) Location: Elvington

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