Where and when is the event being held?

VOLVO600 will be held at Elvington Airfield, located just outside of York in the UK.

The event will start at 10:00 on Sunday, 27 June 2021 and will end approximately at 16:30.

Elvington Airfield is a privately owned and operated facility situated to the east of the City of York and to the west of Elvington village. Features the Yorkshire Air Museum which has many varied and rare aircraft and exhibits, including a complete Halifax bomber.

The site was originally opened as RAF Elvington in the early 1940s and boasts a very impressive straight runway which is just short of 2 miles in length and affords additional taxi way ideal for helping set the rolling parade. More about Elvington here.

Patrons will only be able to attend the 2021 record attempt if they have pre-registered and are in possession of the Event Pass. Each pass is individually numbered and the barcode contains link information requested by GWR that will verify the record attempt.

Access to the event will only be granted when the driver presents their pass for entry on the day.

The Event Pass replaces the paper based 4 part form used in the 2019 attempt, simplifying registration and confirming the number of expected participants in advance.

The Event Pass can only be purchased from the Torquevolvo online shop (TorqueVolvo Shopify). Entry will not be granted to the site if the driver of the vehicle does not produce the pass upon request.

The address is: RAF Elvington, Elvington Airfield, Yorkshire, YO41 4AU

1) Date: 27 June 2021
2) Location: Elvington

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